Results of the 2017 NHMRC Grant Application Round announced

Congratulations to all CREID investigators who received funding from the 2017 NHMRC Grant Application Round:


Professor Ben Howden (University of Melbourne) has received a Partnership Project for Better Health award to investigate "An evidence based framework for establishing public health microbial genomics in Australia"

Project Grants

Professor Jon Iredell (University of Sydney) has been awarded a Project Grant to investigate "Plasmid specialisation modules, microbial husbandry and microbiome resilience". Professor Edward Holmes (University of Sydney) was also awarded a Project Grant for "Using metagenomics to determine the causative agent(s) of tick-borne disease in Australia"


CREID early career researchers Dr Jason Kwong (University of Melbourne) and Dr Philip Britton (University of Sydney) have both been awarded NHMRC Early Career Fellowships. Dr Kwong's fellowship is entitled "The MetaFIND (Metagenomics For INfectious Diseases) project: developing clinical metagenomics to improve the healthcare of patients with infections" Dr Britton's fellowship will focus on "Emerging infectious neurological diseases in Australia; from enhanced recognition to improved response". CREID AI Professor Ben Marais (University of Sydney) has received a Practitioner Fellowship for research aimed at "Limiting tuberculosis transmission and improving the care of affected children".

Centre of Research Excellence

Congratulations also to CREID investigators Professor Enrico Coiera (Macquarie University) and Professor Vitali Sintchenko (University of Sydney) for being part of the team of researchers (led by Prof Coiera) awarded funding for a Centre of Research Excellence in Digital Health.

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