New CREID affiliate joins Westmead Institute for Medical Research

Dr. Vanessa Marcelino is a postdoctoral researcher working on pathogen genomics at the Westmead Institute for Medical Research (WIMR), University of Sydney, with Prof. Tania Sorrell and Prof. Edward Holmes. She obtained a master’s degree in 2012 from the Universities of Bremen, Paris VI and Ghent (Erasmus Mundus Program) with a dissertation on evolutionary dynamics of ecological niches in seaweeds. In 2017, she completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne focusing on the biodiversity and evolution of microbial communities inhabiting coral skeletons. Vanessa is currently working on genomics and transcriptomics of fungal diseases, diagnostics, and the evolution of antifungal resistance. Her interests include combining ‘omics’ and bioinformatics to understand evolutionary processes and host-pathogen interactions.

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